About Us



We are a black owned watch brand based in Canada. Our goal here at Blaq Alpha is quite simple, bring you affordable watches without compromising quality or style.


Blaq Alpha was created by our founder Kokouvi Occansey. Being a watch enthusiast who stood on the sidelines for decades, he then felt the need to craft affordable watches, something he thought that was lacking in the watch industry for far too long and that’s when he created Blaq Alpha.


We know that watches meant more than just to express time, they become a reflection of your identity. Time is extremely precious and a time waisted is a time you’ll never get back that is why we believe that you deserve quality time and our goal is very simple, craft affordable watches without compromising quality or aesthetic.


We want to make sure that you feel the very best of yourself every time you wear our watches, so rest assured that all of our products are thoroughly inspected with the highest standards before it gets shipped out to you, that’s our promise.